Here are a few helpful tips!

Nov 17, 2021

Make Thanksgiving Day a memorable occasion by putting your own signature style on the event. Surprise your guests with unique touches you bring to your food and table that will make them feel extra special and leave them more than satisfied.

Set a perfectly appointed table. This is the time to channel your innermost Emily Post. Follow the proper etiquette for utensil and glassware placement and bring out the fine china. Pick one main color and sprinkle it throughout your table setting – in the napkins, table runner and serving platters. Tie the whole look together with petite, colorful bouquets in the same themed hue and set them in front of each guest in individual bistro glasses for rows of beautiful, cohesive color.

Don’t forget the kiddos. Kick up the fun at the kids’ table and keep them amused while waiting to dig into dinner. Get them to eat their vegetables by placing a dollop of yummy dip inside a small cup along with colorful veggies that are ready for dunking. And strategically keep the peace by using tail feather-shaped place cards atop Tom Turkey cupcakes (for after dinner). Seat older children next to younger ones that need a little help passing and serving family style. Lastly, spare your fine linens and lay down a tablecloth of craft paper. Arm each child with a bundle of colored crayons and let them have at it. What’s better than scold-free table drawing?

Best wishes and thank-you notes. Not the typical kind, but new and special ways to share at the Thanksgiving table. Encourage wish-making all around by having some fun with handmade napkin rings made of raffia twine and breakable novelty wishbones. Keep the conversation flowing by inviting guests to write down what they’re most thankful for and then put it into a gratefulness jar that gets passed around the table. Let each guest pick out a note of thanks and read it aloud.

Bring out the best of the holiday and spread a table of good cheer, great food and an abundance of love and kindness. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Spruce up your Thanksgiving feast!