Halloween in Summit County is COLD! Parents know they’ve got to keep those trick-or-treaters warm, but hiding a pricey costume under a coat is pretty annoying.

Here are some Halloween costumes Summit County parents parnts should consider that will keep your kid warm, but not hide their costume for those Instagram-worthy moments.


Pair a Sherpa-lined flannel shirt with a pair of overalls and winter boots. A pair of thin pants could also be hidden under the overalls. Be prepared and have a thinner flannel shirt on hand just in case Mother Nature decides to gift a warm Halloween evening.

Children in overalls


Astronaut suits are always puffy and you can fit a sweatshirt and sweatpants underneath without looking odd. Plus, astronauts wear boots and gloves, so there’s an extra warm bonus.

Boy dressed in astronaut costume


There’s nothing odd about seeing a bear, deer or squirrel with a little extra plush this time of year. It’s almost winter and furry creatures are stocking up to keep warm. You can do the same with animal costumes. They’re often made of slightly heavier fabrics and can have plenty of room for additional clothing underneath. Some have hoods to keep ears warm and adding matching gloves will protect fingers from the cold.

Girl dressed in lion costume.

Construction worker

You could really just consider any profession that works outdoors in the winter, but a construction worker is a good place to start. Combine overalls or heavy jeans and a Carhartt-type jacket with an orange or yellow safety vest. Be on the lookout for fleece-lined pants. This costume is another one where boots and gloves are right on brand. Other workers to consider: Firefighter, mechanic, sanitation worker.

Child dressed as construction engineer


If your kid is determined to wear a Disney princess dress, “Frozen” is probably the way to go. An Elsa dress leaves room for pants underneath and a white, fluffy dress coat will fit right in with the look. A similar dress coat would also work with other princess costumes like Belle, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Anna from “Frozen” wears a cape that can help keep kids warm, or it could also be swapped for a fluffy coat. Long gloves can also compliment a princess dress.

Young girl snow princess


Go more traditional with a ghost costume. Their sheet-like structures have plenty of room underneath for multiple clothing layers. Matching white or black gloves and boots are easy to add.

A boy in ghost costume


Keep the traditional vibe going with a round pumpkin costume that is perfect for packing layers inside. A green, orange or black coat and pants will complete the look. Gloves are also easy to add here.

Boy in pumpkin costume

The Clauses

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are always outfitted with the warmest coats, pants, boots and gloves for the chilly North Pole weather.

Girl in Santa Claus costume
Halloween in the Cold!