Know your market, know the people who are looking to buy your product. This is Market and Sales 101. As part of our marketing program, we take the steps to maximize the value of the homes we list by targeting the areas where buyers are looking for homes in Breckenridge. According to our in-house technology, we receive in depth analysis on where people are looking for homes, and how best to target those buyers.  Here are the top ten areas we are finding buying actively searching for homes in Summit County in the past year. 

10. Nebraska

With a good local economy and new wealth, Nebraska is an area where we are starting to see interest from buyers as a neighboring state that looks eviously at our mountains!

9. California

They’ve got the sand and the sea, now they want the mountains. The wealth and high population in California attract those looking for a laid-back place to either move permanently or have as a second home. The home prices here are equivalent or even higher in California, so the sticker prices come as no shock to the potential buyers coming out of California.  

8. Missouri

Missouri residents find themselves looking to Colorado to find their dream homes high in the Rocky Mountains.

7. Minnesota

The outdoor lifestyle is strong in Minnesota, and many residents of this state look to Colorado as a state with similar opportunities and better skiing!

 6. Chicago

Chicago’s population has been on the decline for years, with the metropolitan area suffering some of the greatest losses of any major U.S. city. New research suggests that the pandemic might have exacerbated the exodus. Chicago is a feeder market for many areas and Colorado is no exception. Quality of life, economic concerns and populations are all factors why Chicagoans are looking at Breckenridge for their next move.

5. Florida

Florida Residents find themselves looking to Colorado to find their dream homes high in the Rocky Mountains.

4. Colorado Springs

The large population boom in the Springs has resulted in a higher number of searches for Summit County real estate.

3. Dallas & Houston

It’s no surprise that Texans form a large cohort of buyers looking to Summit County to find their dream Colorado Mountain Home. 

 2. Summit County and Surrounding Areas

One of the main places where we see buyers is actually in your own backyard! It makes sense, buyers who are already in love with the area look to move up or down depending on their needs. This is why we complete a in depth local marketing campaign with print and digital ads to capture the potential buyers who are your neighbors.

1. Denver and Surrounding areas

The Front Range is the second largest market where we need to find your potential buyer. With a burgeoning growth in affluent citizens, the residents of the Front Range are looking to find their home away from home in their favorite ski town. This is why I have a large number of real estate agents in our contact lists to ensure that affluent buyers in the market are first to know that your mountain home is on the market. Coldwell Banker has a large presence in the area, and I am able to tap into that network.

As you can see, many buyers from across the country are looking at Breckenridge to find a mountain home. This is why Breckenridge is a sound investment and an amazing place to live. If you have any questions on the market or want to begin your journey, Call Today!

Top Ten Feeder Markets For Summit County